We, Jackie and Donna Bryant are the owners of Half Ass'd Mule
Camp in conjunction with our Daughter and Son-in-Law, Sallie
and Roy Paul.  Sallie generally serves as Trail Boss.  We enjoy
permanent camping quarters at Camp, although we are not there 7
days a week.  It has been a long time dream to own a equestrian
camping and riding facility.

Donna is the "Texas Mule Artist and was born just a few miles
South in Marshall, Texas.  Her artwork is well known in the world
of long ear lovers and may be found on her web site:  

Our family enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting,
camping, swimming, hiking and equestrian activities.  We are
primarily horse, mule and donkey lovers and always ready for a
trail riding adventure.  Besides 24 equine, the family also owns
and loves 11 dogs and several cats, birds, turtles and anything else
that may wander up.

We share our home, Half Ass'd Horse Ranch, located a few miles
South of Mule Camp in the community of Bivins, Texas, with two
older mares, Susie and Scarlet, three mules, Bobby, Matilda and
Jab, and one pet donkey, Stinker   Also four dogs, Tipp, Gunsmoke,
Boomerang, and Roxie and a very spoiled cat,

The purpose of Mule Camp is to provide a place for friends to
come camp and ride the trails around Wright Patman Lake.  The
camp was not created for profit.  We do not charge for camping
at Mule Camp.  We do have a "Donation Box" for those who cannot
stand not to pay.  Mule camp is by invitation only.  The Gates are
locked when not in use, Campers must contact us to arrange use.

Facilities at Mule Camp include electric hook-ups with water, a
pavilion for entertaining, a Big Ass Fan, restroom with a shower
and a full kitchen.  We have a dump station a hay shed, tool shed,
equine pens, a mounting block, hitching posts, and a convenient
place to put manure.  We have plenty of trees for high lines and
lots of space for tent camping or day use parking.
half ass'd mule camp